We specialize in heavy construction: road building, bridge building, land clearing, topsoil, gravel, wind turbine foundation building, septic systems and can handle most commercial or residential projects.

  • Road Building

    We have solid experience in the construction of temporary and permanent all-weather access roads. We complete site drainage as required, and our road building services include the installation of culverts, the application of aggregate. We have access to a full line of our own aggregate materials.

  • Bridge Building

    Brian MacGillivray Construction is experienced in bridge building for the department of transportation and the construction of all related elements that may be required. For example, we will build causeways to and from bridges, including all piledriving and retaining walls. B.M.C delivers and installs both temporary and permanent steel frame bridges (up to 100 tonne capacity and up to 100 feet long).We perform water monitoring and will mitigate any erosion issues through proven erosion control construction and technologies.

  • Land Clearing

    We have dozers with root rakes as well as excavators that provide excellent land clearing. This prepares the land for road or building construction and farming.

  • Topsoil

    We offer high quality rich topsoil transported directly on site. Screened, it is easy to work with. It is perfect for lawns, gardens, flower beds and anywhere you want to grow things. Our topsoil DOES NOT contain any human by products or biosolids.

  • Gravel

    We have various sizes of aggregates and a variety of soil types. Whether you need gravel, sand or topsoil, our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you find exactly what you need to complete your next project.

  • Septic Systems

    We can select and install your septic system from start to finish, including perk tests (QP2) and lot assessments; making it a hassle free experience. We also work with engineers (QP1) for custom designed septic systems.

  • Commercial Projects

    We are a leading provider of commercial construction services. We work closely with project owners and engineers to ensure that every project’s needs are met. Our broad range of services allows us to work on virtually any phase of a project, from construction through decommissioning and demolishing.

  • Residential Projects

    For your next construction project choose our skilled experts for professional, reliable service. We have experience in landscaping, foundations, septic systems, driveways and wells.